Windows utility/tool command line to move clipboard to file

Welcome to Programming Tutorial official website. Today - we are going to cover how to solve / find the solution of this error Windows utility/tool command line to move clipboard to file on this date .

I have seen a similar tool CLIP here Clip command but it works into clipboard not the other direction.

I have seen references to “paste” but this doesnt appear to be part of windows. I need to find a solution that works with standard w7 w8 w10 environments.

Clip is distributed. Does anybody a tool that works from clipboard to file?

EDIT Seems it might be possible to do with a powershell command
This C# program I just wrote does what I would to do with a Powershell

class Clip2File
    static void Main(string[] args)
        var fileName = @"c:demo.png";
        if (args.Length != 0){
            fileName = args[0];
        if (!Clipboard.ContainsImage()) return;
        Image img = Clipboard.GetImage();
        img?.Save(fileName, ImageFormat.Png);


Windows cmd (if clipboard contains text data):

Powershell -command Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms;[System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard]::GetText()

Example shows that above command adds two bytes to output (Cr and Lf):

==> >1049363a.txt echo first line

==> >>1049363a.txt echo 2nd line

==> clip<1049363a.txt

==> >1049363b.txt Powershell -command Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms;[System.W

==> findstr /N "^" 1049363*.txt
1049363a.txt:1:first line
1049363a.txt:2:2nd line
1049363b.txt:1:first line
1049363b.txt:2:2nd line

==> dir 1049363*.txt |find ".txt"
06.03.2016  17:24                22 1049363a.txt
06.03.2016  17:24                24 1049363b.txt


Read more about .NET Framework Clipboard Class methods.

Edit answers extended topic (save image, cf. ImageFormat Class):

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms  ### not necessary in PowerShell_ISE
if ($([System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard]::ContainsImage())) {
    $image = [System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard]::GetImage()
    $filename='d:testtest.png'             ### edit to fit in your circumstances


    Write-Output "clipboard content saved as $filename"
} else {
    Write-Output "clipboard does not contains image data"