Windows 10 how to make two identical accounts with shared access to files / programs

I need to know how to make an account that has access to all my main account’s files (e.g. Desktop folder), programs, and permissions. Essentially, I need an extra account that has access to everything on my main account.

Why would I need that? Because I want to be able to use RDP to connect to my computer and access all files / programs while using the computer simultaneously. If I use the same account however, one gets logged off.


What you’re proposing to do won’t work. Only Server editions of Windows running the RDSH role allow multiple user accounts to log on simultaneously.

However, if you’re willing/able to use a different remote access solution that connects to the Windows console session, then you can be logged on the computer at the physical console and via a remote connection. As a bonus, creating a separate account would be unnecessary.

One such remote access program is VNC.