Where is all the clipboard data stored in Windows?

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Is the data I copy to clipboard stored temporarily (maybe in the RAM) or is a permanent log of all the clipboard data stored in the hard drive?

If its stored anywhere, how can we clear it (by shredding). I checked this Microsoft page, but couldn’t understand anything.

I’m asking because I frequently copy passwords and other sensitive data to the clipboard and don’t want to be insecure.

Note: I use Windows 8.1


Try this article written for Windows 8 / 8.1


A clipboard is nothing but a buffer that stores data that we copy and
paste. We never wonder that when we copy a text and paste it as many
times as we want, where is the text saved for us? Yes it is the
clipboard where the text is temporarily saved. And a clipboard manager
enhances these functions of copy, cut, and paste. Anyways, we can also
experiment with this buffer named clipboard. If you repeatedly copy
and paste large files or image files, pasting may take time and
deliver low performance. So it’s sometimes necessary to clear up the
clipboard to clear memory.

Step1: How to clear the clipboard in Windows 8.

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run window.

  2. Type cmd /c “echo off | clip” andpress Enter.

You can also create a shortcut with location as the command cmd /c
“echo off | clip”. Whenever you want to clear clipboard, double click
on it.

  1. Right Click in an empty space on the desktop and Go to New and click on Shortcut.

  2. Now Create Shortcut window opens. Now type the following text cmd /c “echo off | clip”. Click Next.

  3. Name the shortcut as Clear Clipboard. Click Finish.