“Recycled user” creates C:UsersTEMP on logon

Welcome to Programming Tutorial official website. Today - we are going to cover how to solve / find the solution of this error “Recycled user” creates C:UsersTEMP on logon on this date .

An employee left, and was replaced by another to fill the exact same position. Since this employee used the exact same permissions on the network, had no personal files on the local C:, I just renamed the account on the Primary Domain Controller, deleted the local account on the machine, and deleted the user’s local folder (i.e. inside C:Users)

However, now when I logon with that “recycled” (renamed) user, Windows create C:Users/TEMP every time.

How do I tell Windows not to do that and create the proper user’s directory?


The user is not member of “Guest” or “Domain Guest”.


Just deleting the folder is not how you remove a user profile from a Windows PC; so you’ve corrupted the profile and as such it’s loading a temporary profile instead.

For information on how to properly remove a domain-based user profile, and how to clean up a half-deleted profile, see this existing SU question: How do I delete a user profile on a Windows 7 machine that is part of a domain?