Merge Two Folders To Act As One (Software Raid 0?)

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Using Windows 7, I’m trying to setup what I’ve come to call a “Software Raid of Folders”, not completely sure it’s the right term, but I’m sure anyone who knows the true term will understand what I’m getting at.

I have two folders, on two seperate harddrive, I would like to “merge” these folders while keeping them on seperate harddrive so they act as one folder. Example:

Music and Videos are to be merged together to a new folder called “Merged”

Music runs off of Harddrive 1

Videos runs off of Harddrive 2

Anything new saved inside Merged is saved within Videos that runs off of Harddrive 2

Now you see how I came up with the term “Software Raid”, it’s like an average RAID 0 setup, but instead I want to do it with just two specific folders on two different drives within Windows. Any help on this is apprecieated!


Check out junctions,

You could have a folder, let’s call it Merged Within that you have two subfolders Videos and Music and each of these sub folders contents reisde on different hdd.

Open a command prompt to the Merged directory and type the following, replacing with the name of the folder, e.g. Music and with the destination, e.g. D:Music

mklink /j <junction_point_name> <target>