INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE after the installation of the AMD raid driver on a new Windows 10 installation

I’ve a reinstalled Windows 10 on the same m2 drive where it was before (non-raid), with the same 2xSATA drives setup in RAID-1 used only for data storage.

After, I’ve installed the AMD RAIDXpert drivers and Windows fails to boot with the INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error.

The chipset is an AMD X470 and the AMD RAID driver version is (latest).

This setup was working with the previous Windows 10 installation.

The RAID array is marked as “online” and working in the BIOS.

The AMD RAIDXpert documentation explains how to install the driver only during the Windows installation, it’s not possible to install it after? Is there a way to just mount them on a a live OS and access the contained files?


The problem was simple to solve: after the W10 installation I waited for Windows ending the automatic drivers download for the system. Then I launched the RAIDXpert installer and the drive became available.

It’s a little bit crazy that the documentation isn’t explicit about a simple use case like this, and talks only a lot about the raid installation during the SO installation. If I have a choice between a “software suite” and a driver, I choose always the driver, but this time I was wrong :.

Thank you @Ramhound for the advice.