How to run Thunderbird in a portable way, without using C:UsersUserAppDataRoaming…?

With Mozilla Thunderbird, the default storage for data is in C:UsersUser1AppDataRoamingThunderbird.... Even if we want to move a Profile folder to another path, we have to fill this information inside C:UsersUser1AppDataRoamingThunderbird...profiles.ini, as explained in Moving a profile (official documentation):

In the profiles.ini file, locate the entry for the profile you’ve just moved. Change the Path= line to the new location.

How to totally bypass this C:UsersUser1AppData folder and use Thunderbird as a real portable software?

PS: I don’t want to use the “PortableApps” version. Even if this project seems trustworthy, I’m not sure the “repackaging” script is fully open-source, and anyway, I don’t want to add another layer if we can do it without this.


(As I searched for this since years, now that I found the answer, I share it with the “Q&A-style” StackExchange feature.)

  • First install it (with the official installer) to your desired path, e.g. D:PortableThunderBirdapp

  • Create another empty folder D:PortableThunderBirdprofile

  • Create a shortcut like this:

     D:PortableThunderBirdappthunderbird.exe -profile "D:PortableThunderBirdprofile"

    enter image description here

  • Run this shortcut!