How to remove Version Information from Encrypted OpenPGP message in Windows?

I am using with GnuPG on Windows 8.1 via Powershell. I am wondering how to remove the Version line from the encrypted and or signed message. Here is example if what I mean:

Version: GnuPG v2  <-- **Remove this (line).**



Also, I have found the option that you can add into the options, but I cannot find the options file itself (gpg.conf).


In Microsoft Windows, the configuration files are stored under %APPDATA%gnupg. For recent versions of Microsoft Windows, this directory will by default be stored in


The comment string can be changed by editing the comment option, or the option removed completely. To remove the version, add a line containing the option no-emit-version which does not require a value. From man gpg (all non-abbreviated command line options can be used without the -- prefix in gpg.conf):

--comment string
     Use  string  as  a comment string in clear text signatures and ASCII
     armored messages or keys (see --armor). The default behavior is not to
     use a comment string. --comment may be repeated multiple times to get
     multiple comment strings. --no-comments removes all comments.  It is a
     good idea to keep the length of  a  single  comment  below  60 characters
     to avoid problems with mail programs wrapping such lines.  Note that
     comment lines, like all other header lines, are not protected by the

     Force inclusion of the version string in ASCII armored output.  If given
     once only the name of the program and the major number is emitted
     (default), given twice the minor is also emitted, given triple the micro
     is added, and given quad an operating system identification is also emitted.
     --no-emit-version disables the version line.