How to install Windows 8/10 from an iso file?

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I have an .iso file I made of my Windows 8 CD for a backup if I lost the CD or it got damaged. A few months ago, I did lose it and just a few days ago my little brother put my Windows 8 machine into a bootloop. I think I need to reinstall Windows. I don’t care about data recovery. I just need to install Windows with the .iso file. How do I go about doing this?


Unless you want to do something fancy, you first have to create a CD/DVD from the ISO file. As you’re talking about Windows 8, I doubt a CD will be enough, the installation images have a size of several GB and therefor need a DVD.

To create that DVD, just right click on the ISO file and select to topmost entry to create the DVD. It should be called something like “burn ISO image” in English.