How to add GUI installed programs

I’ve recently started using Chocolatey to install new programs on my computer and to then subsequently upgrade them. However, there are many programs that I have already installed which appear when I run

choco search ProgramName

but do not appear when I run

choco list --local-only

because I did not install them with Chocolatey. For some of these programs at least, I’d like to start using Chocolatey to upgrade them to the newest version. The simplest solution would be to simply uninstall the program and then reinstall it using Chocolatey, but this might result in me losing some of my saved preferences (or, for larger programs, this is simply a waste of bandwidth and time). Is there a way for me to add the program to Chocolatey without uninstalling it? If so, is there a way to search for all installed programs on my computer that Chocolatey could maintain for me (rather than adding them one at a time)?



choco list --local-only --includeprograms

-i, –includeprograms, –include-programs

IncludePrograms – Used in conjunction with LocalOnly, filters out apps chocolatey has listed as packages and includes those in the list.

Defaults to false.

It lists the programs managed by chocolatey plus those it does not manage.