How can I mass rename files?

I’ve got a bunch of files named with a the pattern 99 - DescriptiveName.txt and I’d like to remove the number from the front so I just have DescriptiveName.txt.

How can I do this? Can I do it from the command line or is there a utility that can do this?


I know in your title you say “in dos” but I get the impression you are just looking for a way to do this and are wondering if that is the best way.

The absolute best tool I have found for this is Bulk Rename Utility.

Bulk Rename Utility

It isn’t a command line tool, but they do have a command line version if you really want to use it that way.

I’ve used the GUI version a lot, and it is very powerful, very fast and extremely easy to use.

Oh, and it is FREE for personal use.