Can not access windows share folder on local host using dns record

I have a shared folder on my server Terminal03, the folder is on D:temp, the shared path is \Terminal03temp and there is a dns record apps which points to Terminal03.
The folder is accessible for all domain users, either by \Terminal03temp or \appstemp. I tested it with some users on different terminals.
If I open \Terminal03temp or \localhottemp on the server itself it works too.
If again on the server itself I try \appstemp it doesn’t, it asks the credentials and even if the right one are submitted, it says that they are wrong. Also using system administrator accounts.

Any idea?


Using \Terminal03temp or \localhosttemp on the server itself works
because it uses the loopback network interface.
The connection never goes out of the server, meaning being handled inside
the server, which is designed to work well.

Using \appstemp is translated to something like \,
which requires going to the router and back to the server.
The loop required for getting an answer back looks like:

Most consumer-grade routers are not capable of supporting such connections,
and your router must be one of those.