Attempting to end CMD after Batch File

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I am running a Batch file on which is located on my DC.

explorer.exe =




The batch file works fine and does what I need. The thing is that when I run this batch it forces the Task Manager above all windows until it is either minimized or closed. It requires interaction in order to un-prioritize it. I cant find a proper argument to end the CMD entirely. When I close the CMD manually it un-prioritizes the Task Manager window.

Thank you!


I believe you should look into using the start command in the batch file rather than calling the applications directly. This will allow the applications to launch, but the script execution will continue. I’m not really sure what explorer.exe = taskmgr.exe does for you as from this article it appears to be treated equivalently to a space character, but an example script that starts both apps with high priority and exits follows:

start /high taskmgr.exe
start /high explorer.exe