How to compute the time spent in meetings with others, from Outlook or Teams?

I use Outlook for Mac version 16.42 and Microsoft Teams I also have an Office 365 subscription. I would like to automatically compute the time I spend in meetings with at least one other person, during the week, and generate a report which I can then use to analyze trends across weeks and months. It’s ok to produce a simple csv file, with, e.g., a Date column and a Duration column – each row corresponds to a day, and Duration is the sum of the time spent in meetings with at least another person on that day. It’s also ok to export the data to Excel, if this doesn’t add too much of a complication.

Is there a (preferably simple) way to do this? The data source can be either Outlook or Teams – I see my meetings in both calendars, and they agree. I have access to Power Automate, in case that helps, but I have no experience with it.


As I know, features in Outlook client are quite limited. To achieve this, you might need some VBA methods. I did some research and found this related article. Hope this could be helpful to you. 3 Methods to report time spent on Meetings, Tasks and Journal items.


Also, as @DeltaIV mentioned, Microsoft MyAnalytics is a very helpful tool to handle businesses like this as well.

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