Disable hardware media key handling in MS Teams

I have deactivated the setting in Chrome and Edge, but now it seems that it’s visible also for MS Teams.
If possible I would like to disable it at the OS level. Also the volume bar on the left side. I don’t need it at all. Can this be somehow disabled from registry or related?

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I found the How to get rid of the Volume OSD in Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10 post that has a solution for getting rid of the Volume OSD in Windows.

I downloaded HideVolumeOS, and it seems to worked perfectly. The correlated GitHub with source files and such is located here: GitHub – HideVolumeOSD

The solution

During installation you can choose between 2 different versions.
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Tray icon version

The tray icon version of this app has a small context menu with 3
items, which is pretty self explaining.

To hide the volume OSD you can select the menu item “Hide Volume
” or just click on the tray Icon. With this item you can toggle
between visible and hidden volume OSD. If you exit the application,
the volume OSD is always restored to visible state.

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During Installation the tool is added to the startup folder, therefore
once hidden the toolbar remains hidden after a reboot.

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Silent mode version

This version was a user request from Daniel, who just wanted to hide
the volume OSD without any system tray app. This one just hides the
volume OSD at user login and quits then. In case you want to turn the
volume OSD on again, just look into the program group called
HideVolumeOSD“. There are 3 different launch icons:

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