deep linking to tab in teams from adaptive card from bot

Given we have a teams bot and personal teams tab ( with name TT and content URL : ).

Consider a scenario, Bot sent an adaptive card with openUrl button (whose url is On clicking this, normally the url will be opened in new browser tab.

Since this above URL can be opened in teams tab TT, I am planning to deeplink to the tab and open the url in the tab.

On using openUrl button’s url as<appId>/<entityId>, ( referred from Generate a deep link to your tab ), I was able to achieve redirection to the expected teams tab TT. But it doesn’t solve my entire problem, because I should be opening the in the tab, not its default content URL.

How can I achieve redirection from Chat tab to personal teams tab and open the url in the tab automatically.


You can use the subEntityId properly in the deeplink for this, I think. Put a URL-encoded value of the url you want to pass to your tab, and decode it from within your tab (there’s a section in the doc you linked about accessing the value from your tab via the Context object: