Cannot search for sites in Graph

I try to query a team in MS Teams by name or displayName.
search and filter both don’t seem to work:
(currently using HttpClient GET-requests)

First of all, I can query all sites

and $select works fine like this$select=sharepointIds,name,displayname

But these all fail:$search="displayName:IT-Team"$search=(displayName eq "IT-Team")
=empty result (also for other attempts with ‘name’)
(BadRequest when using ')$filter=startsWith(name,'IT')$filter=displayName eq 'IT-Team'
= BadRequest (it works for users and groups)

The empty result looks like this:

“search” should work for sites:

How do I get sites by name/displayName?
I don’t want to query all sites just to get a SiteId.


Calling"IT-Team" searches the displayName and description fields of site resources for the search term and returns matching sites. I realize that this is not exactly, what you are looking for (you want to find sites, where displayName equals your search term), but it might still be helpful to you or others.