Where are packages installed from Ubuntu terminal stored in windows

I recently downloaded the Ubuntu terminal on windows 10, because a repository I’m experimenting with requires OCaml and opam. I’ve run into an error and to solve it I need to delete some opam files (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54987110/installing-ocaml-on-windows-10-using-wsl-ubuntu-problems-with-bwrap-bubblewr). The solutions is to delete ~/.opam/config, but I’m unable to find this file on my windows system. I’ve looked in C:Program FilesGitusrbin, but it doesn’t seem to have any opam related folders. Any help would be appreciated.


Even though you can find these files in the Windows filesystem if you’re using WSL 1, you must not modify the WSL filesystem tree from Windows.

You can access these files from your Ubuntu WSL terminal. To delete the file, use the following command:

rm ~/.opam/config

If you want to access the filesystem using Windows Explorer, you can use the following syntax:


Only WSL instances that are currently running will appear. If the one you want doesn’t appear, launch it from Start Menu and refresh the Explorer view (eg. using F5).

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