speed up my console setup

Welcome to Programming Tutorial official website. Today - we are going to cover how to solve / find the solution of this error speed up my console setup on this date .

I work on different branches of a big software project.

For each branch I have a gnome-terminal with four tabs open:

  • main shell to execute build commands in various modules (mvn)
  • ./bin folder to re/launch the app-server
  • tail -F sysout
  • tail -F another log4j-Logfile

This setup works quite well in the environment I’m working in.

But getting to that setup I need to

  • start terminal
  • cd to branch
  • open three other tabs
  • cd to respecitve folders
  • launch tail

This is quite annoying and takes too long.

How can I speed it up ?

I know there are better and perhaps scriptable tools (xterm, screen and the like)


See this SO Q about open a new tab Open a new tab in gnome-terminal using command line

Then I would suggest that you implement a couple of bash-functions in your .bashrc file for the various operations and glue them together.

screen is an option as well, start screen and set up your environment, when you are happy use the “session” feature in screen, see this link