NFS mount shows with df -h but directory is not there

I am trying to sort out autofs issues by manually mounting from an Odroid HC1 server running OpenMediaVault 5 to an Odroid XU4, both running Ubuntu.

When I do:

sudo mount -t nfs HC1:/export/work /nfs_mounts

then run df -h it shows:

HC1:/export/work 458G 73M 458G 1% /nfs_mounts

But when I try cd /nfs_mounts/work (as a user that exists on both the XU4 and the HC1 or as root) it tells me that there is no such file or directory, and ls shows that the directory is empty.

I have tried it with -t nfs4 as well, and without any -t option, but the result is the same.

The shared folder /export/work shows up on the server with showmount.

I have searched and searched but I’m stumped.


Because the local /nfs_mounts now equals to the remote /export/work? Since you did mount -t nfs HC1:/export/work /nfs_mounts instead of mount -t nfs HC1:/export/work /nfs_mounts/work (with mkdir /nfs_mounts/work done beforehand).

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