Implementing clipboard functionality on X (*nix) given the XWindow*?

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I’m using the Allegro5 API to create my window and manage it. It allows me access to the XWindow which it creates with XCreateWindow

I have access to d->window but that’s about it. From this, is there a way I could interact with the XEvents sent to this window? I want to implement clipboard functionality. I’m just not sure how I can deal with XSelection events.


You need to create the xevent loop, and to handle specific xevents. Here is a xlib hello world example, and that is how you can do it.

The example is copied from here :


 int main()
    Display *dpy;
    Window rootwin;
    Window win;
    Colormap cmap;
    XEvent e;
    int scr;
    GC gc;

    if(!(dpy=XOpenDisplay(NULL))) {
        fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: could not open displayn");

    scr = DefaultScreen(dpy);
    rootwin = RootWindow(dpy, scr);
    cmap = DefaultColormap(dpy, scr);

    win=XCreateSimpleWindow(dpy, rootwin, 1, 1, 100, 50, 0, 
            BlackPixel(dpy, scr), BlackPixel(dpy, scr));

    XStoreName(dpy, win, "hello");

    gc=XCreateGC(dpy, win, 0, NULL);
    XSetForeground(dpy, gc, WhitePixel(dpy, scr));

    XSelectInput(dpy, win, ExposureMask|ButtonPressMask);

    XMapWindow(dpy, win);

    while(1) {
        XNextEvent(dpy, &e);
        if(e.type==Expose && e.xexpose.count<1)
            XDrawString(dpy, win, gc, 10, 10, "Hello World!", 12);
        else if(e.type==ButtonPress) break;


To build, create a Makefile :

all: hello

hello: hello.o
    cc -o hello -Wall -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 hello.o

hello.o: hello.c
    cc -o hello.o -Wall -I/usr/X11R6/include -c hello.c