How to create a file in a specified path in Ubuntu using C# [closed]

I have a program which runs as Linux based container in Ubuntu system. The project is written using .NetCore libraries.

From my ‘root’ directory in Ubuntu I can set the path as below and see existing file there

root@user: cd /var/abc/modules/moduleOne/files

Inside that path a file exists named ‘logs.txt’

How to copy that file and paste with different name?

I was trying as below

var destination = "//var//abc//modules//moduleOne//files//copy.txt";
var source = Path.Combine("//var//abc//modules//moduleOne//files", "logs.txt");
File.Copy(source, destination);

It throws error in runtime as below

Exception occurred Could not find a part of the path '/var/abc/modules/moduleOne/files/logs.txt'


I have tested the following code inside a docker linux container and it works:

File.WriteAllText("/test.txt", "Test");
string destination = "/var/copy.txt";
string source = Path.Combine("/", "test.txt");
System.IO.File.Copy(source, destination);