GIT signed tags and passphrase

how can i make git auto enter my passphrase when i signed tags. is there an option like — passphrase “my long passphrase”, i did try using ssh-keygen but it did not help.

the Repository is on local and everything is done locally.


in case anyone was interested, I did found a way for my problem.

1.Create new /usr/bin/gpg-with-passphrase with this contents

/usr/bin/gpg   --passphrase "My Really Long passphrase"  --batch --no-tty "$@"

2.make the new /usr/bin/gpg-with-passphrase executable

chmod 755 /usr/bin/gpg-with-passphrase

3.add this option to git config

git config gpg.program "/usr/bin/gpg-with-passphrase"

use “–global” for global

this way i dont have to enter my Long passphrase each time i sign a tag.