copy entire file to clipboard (but not default, +, or * registry) in Linux xterm [closed]

I am trying to copy 13,000 lines of code from a file on a remote computer to a text file on my own computer but am having no luck. I am working on a Linux virtual box and am ssh’d into another computer where the file is. If I highlight with my mouse and type control shift C, then it works, but I can’t highlight anything other than what’s currently visible in the window. Using g g " + y G or " + y (in vi) doesn’t work because the + (or *) registry doesn’t transfer between the remote system and mine (using Visual select and then control Shift C doesn’t seem to work either). Does anyone know how to select more than just the visible window so I don’t have to copy paste hundreds of times to get the whole file?


you can copy the whole file using this code:

scp username@remote:/path/to/file /local/path/to/destination

Note : here your destination is where you are logged in (local computer)