check current network speed linux

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I’m trying to get current network speed like shown in System Monitor on GNOME.
I need this to be in terminal and if possible no installations needed (on most of distros this tool i need should be installed by default with the system).

So i don’t want to ping anything or stuff like that, I just want to check speed in simplest way possible without adding new tools.

I hope there is a tool that will show information in terminal like System Monitor -> Resources -> Network history.

if there is a workaround in Java to get this information without using linux commands this would be great


It’s difficult to know what tools you already have installed on your system. I’d recommend either bmon, ifstat, or ifstat -S if you want the information printed on the same time.

The above should be in your distro’s central repository (aptitude, yum etc) so should be easy to install if they’re not aready there.