Convert an int to time()

I want to send a reminder email “x” days after an initial email was send.

The admin can choose after how many days they want to send a reminder (after the date of the initial mail).

This amount is stored in this function and returns an integer (for example 14)

public function getAmountDayReminder(): int
    return get_field('send_reminder_after_amount_day', $this->getId());

The date/time of that the initial email was send is stored in this function

public function setWasNotified()
    update_post_meta($this->getId(), self::META_WAS_NOTIFIED, time());

Now I want to write an if statement so that the reminder will be send out “x” days after the date of the initial mail was send.

I guess it will look something like this:

if(!$entry->wasNotified() && !$entry->wasReminded()) {
    $remindDate = $entry->setwasNotified() + $this->getAmountDayReminder();
    if ($remindDate === //current time) {

This won’t work because I have to covert the output of setwasNotified() and getAmountDayReminder() so that I can add them.

Is this a good solution and how would I execute this exactly?


I would use the DateTime modify to add getAmountDayReminder() to the time where the first notification has been sent and then compare this to the current time.

Something like that:

$reminded = DateTime::createFromFormat( 'U', $entry->setwasNotified());

$now = new DateTime();

if ($now > $reminded->modify($this->getAmountDayReminder() .' day')) {
    print('Need to send reminder');
else {
    print('Do not send reminder');

Do not forget to store whether you already sent the reminder. And doing such things in a cron job is probably a good idea.