How to return raw sql queries as json objects?(Django)

I am using the following function to display the sql join query as json:

def toggle_query(request,id):
    obj = DibbsSpiderDibbsMatchedProductFieldsDuplicate.objects.raw('''SELECT *
    FROM dibbs_spider_solicitation
    JOIN dibbs_spider_dibbs_matched_product_fields_duplicate
    ON dibbs_spider_solicitation.nsn = {nsn};'''.format(nsn=id))

    context = serializers.serialize('json',obj)

    return JsonResponse(context,safe=False)

This displays data as :

"[{"model": "dibbs_spider.dibbsspiderdibbsmatchedproductfieldsduplicate", "pk": 39, "fields": {"nsn": "1650011162908", "nsn2": "6550015746831", "cage": "34807", "part_number": "6903A-J", "company_name": null, "supplier": "GraingerOM", "cost": "18.16", "list_price": "19.12", "gsa_price": null, "hash": "665", "nomenclature": "HOUSING, CONTROL MOD", "technical_documents": "Tech Docs", "solicitation": "SPE2DS22T1575", "status": "Awarded  ", "purchase_request": "0091648844\nQty: 5", "issued": "2021-12-09", "return_by": "2021-12-14", "file": "", "vendor_part_number": "269P71", "manufacturer_name": "LAMOTTE", "product_name": "Reagent Tablet Type 0 to 4 ppm Range", "unit": "EA"}}, {"model": 

How to remove the symbol which is not the part of the data here ?


You can’t remove it, because when you serialise the object to JSON, that is required in order to escape the " and `. You’re probably best to turn the response into a dict() and return that instead.