how modify path in asp-action

I have a form in C# ASP, and two buttons submit with different path.

<form asp-action="">

<button type="submit" data-action="Liquidation" class="btn-method-switchable">
<button type="submit" data-action="Return" class="btn-method-switchable">

I try to modify the path with Jquery like that :

$('.btn-method-switchable').click(function(e) {
let value = $(this).data('action')
$('form').attr('asp-action', value);

I enter in my Controller but not on the method Liquidation or Return.

Thanks for your answers


The asp-action attribute is only used before rendering. When the page is rendered it’s converted to a standard HTML form action attribute.

Also note that on the client side its value is converted from the reference to the action name to a relative URL to the route. More detail on that in the documentation.

Therefore to correct your code you need to set the action attribute and also amend data-action on the button elements to be the full route. This can be done using the Url.Action() helper. The code would look something like this:

  <button type="submit" data-action="@Url.Action("Liquidation")" class="btn-method-switchable">Foo</button>
  <button type="submit" data-action="@Url.Action("Return")" class="btn-method-switchable">Bar</button>
$('.btn-method-switchable').click(function(e) {
  let value = $(this).data('action')
  $('form').attr('action', value).submit();