CSS changes not reflecting on site

Welcome to Programming Tutorial official website. Today - we are going to cover how to solve / find the solution of this error CSS changes not reflecting on site on this date .

Whenever we make changes to the CSS, it generally takes 24 hours to reflect those changes on my site. I have tried clearing the server cache and browser cache but it doesn’t help too. Is there any other way to make the CSS changes reflect immediately after updation?

it happens in all the browsers… when i check it in the browser , i can access my css file with two paths eg : i store my css in folder named “Cssfolder” and my css name is say 135.css
So when i access the folder paths, Cssfolder/135.css & cssfolder/135.css, one of the path shows me latest css whereas other one shows me old css.Notice the “c” is captital in one path whereas small in other path.



I’ve found this to be a pretty common problem in a lot of my projects. I would suggest two things…

  1. If it’s just an app that you are working on you can use the CSS Cachebuster during development.

  2. Following the idea behind the Cachebuster I have found that often adding the timestamp of the CSS file as a query string off of the CSS link will help in telling the browser that the file is different… something like… whatever.css?12212009035543