How to download file in Amazon S3 storage using only a unique id without subfolder name?

i want to download a file from Amazon S3 using only a certain unique id i can use from it’s api, without using a folder or subfolder name. I created a folder/subfolder structure with hierarchy levels to organize the files.
The same of what I did in Google Drive API v3, regardless of which the folder or subfolder name or hierarchy level of folders the file was saved, i can download the file using only the fileid.
i haven’t read yet about the file versioning docs since there are tons to read.
any help would greatly be appreciated. thank you.


You can’t do this with S3. You need to know the bucket name (--bucket) and full key (--key) of the file you want to download. Since a given file can have multiple versions, you can also provide a version id (--version-id).