How do I take care of Apps that need my attention in the Windows Taskbar?

I have an ultrawide setup, so usually I have two windows side by side at a time. Sometimes, especially with Zoom and Discord, I get many notifications. Whenever I get many messages or notifications the taskbar appears and doesn’t disappear until I click on the app to take care of those notifications (like the zoom chat). How can I make it so that the taskbar doesn’t appear everytime an app needs my attention?


First, Windows 10 allows you to temporarily mute all notifications using Focus Assist, both pop-up and in taskbar, useful, for example, when in online meetings or viewing video.

  • Click on the Notifications icon in the Taskbar.
  • Select Manage notifications at the top.
  • Select Focus assist and change settings as you would.

Focus Assist Settings

Second, the Taskbar can be completely hidden using the third-party tool, Ultimate Windows Tweaker. Caveat Use this tool with caution; some changes may make your PC difficult to use.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker - Taskbar removal

Third, you can increase its transparency, e.g., to 100 %, change its position or reduce its height (or width, if vertical).

  • To change transparency, in newer versions of Windows, you’ll need the add-ons Classic Shell (no longer under development, but still work) or its descendant, Open Shell Menu. Under Settings | Taskbar tab, set Taskbar look to Transparent , Taskbar opacity to 0, and select colors to make it as unobtrusive as possible. Icons will still show, though.
  • To change the size and position of the Taskbar, unlock it and move it accordingly.