Shared virtual machine

I have installed VirtualBox 6.1 on Kubuntu 20.04.2

I would like to create a virtual machine shared among different host users. The users have no needs to launch this vm simultaneously.

I have tried to create a vm into a path external to homedirs (ie /opt), then I have granted 666 attributes to virtual disk and .vbox conf file.

Such solution doesn’t work, since the .vbox conf file can be read/written only from the owner host user, irrespective the 666 attribute.

Practical case study
Suppose that linux users A and B needs to use MS Word for authoring documents. Also suppose that the printer directly connected to the host machine works only with MS Windows drivers.
I would like that when host users A or B want to edit a document they can switch on the same virtual machine.
In such case the admin have to mantain only one (shared) virtual machine


I resolved as follows:

  1. Put the virtual disk file into a path accessible to each user and grant 666 attributes
  2. Make a copy of vbox conf file for each user and modify username:groupname of each copy according to the target user (only granting attributes doesn’t work)

NOTE: don’t apply any further setup to vbox conf file, otherwise you need to re-create the copies of step 2

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