Execute python script in console via bash script with double-click

I have a python script, that runs fine if i run in on the console with python3 script.py. For some reason, the script should be executed via a bash-script “start.sh”. A MWE would be

python3 GUIpyPCS.py

When I run the script by double-clicking it, it doesent open a terminal window. Hence, the python script is executed invisibly in the background and not on a new console window.

How can I ensure, that the python script is executed on a console by double-clicking the bash-script? Is there something I can add to the bash script? I am currently testing on Kubuntu 20.04, but the solution should also applicable to other distributions/window managers.


———- Assumptions ———-

  • the script is in a directory
  • you open that directory in the graphics interface (Nemo, Nautilus, any other file manager)
  • you double-click the icon representing the script
  • you expect to see a terminal window open, with the script execution in it

———- In your script do ———-

  • start a terminal window
  • that terminal command includes a call to the script
  • and lastly a call to the read command, to keep the window opened until you are done
  • you press enter to close the window

———- Ex ———-

xterm -e "/bin/ls /etc; read" &

———- Details ———-

  • the -e option to xterm is the command that will be executed in the new window

  • I put /bin/ls /etc; read instead of your script. You would put your_script.bash arg1 arg2; read

  • you could do something similar with gnome-terminal instead of xterm

  • the read is not essential, it could be a sleep 5 for example. Or if your script already has a delay or something, you might not need anything.

  • I used xterm since it is available on all distributions, which ever window manager you use.